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If you love thrillers, ecothrillers, apocalyptic thrillers, and just great reads, check out these blog posts (the most recent blog posts are at the top):

Doomsday Prediction That Didn’t Happen

Viral Pandemics

Jane Fonda: On the Climate Change Catastrophe

James Lovelock: Human Population Affected by Climate Change

If You Liked Sphere by Michael Crichton, You’ll Love Death by Design

What Are Mankind’s Greatest Threats?

New York Times: On the Coming Famines

Environmental Fund: The World Will Be Ruined by 2000

What Are the Most Dangerous Diseases Today?

Prince Philip of England: On Killer Viruses

The Nature of the Bioterrorism Threat

New York Times on the Coming Ice Age

Jimmy Carter: On Running Out of Oil

Jennifer Doudna: On the Power of Technology

The Conflict Between Good and Evil

John Graves: On Enjoying the Fall

Leonard Nimoy: In Search of the Coming Ice Age

John Davis: On Balancing Ecosystems

Geoffrey West: On a No Growth Economy

Paul Ehrlich: Hundreds of Millions of People Will Starve

Club of Rome: A Common Enemy

Save a Planet, Kill the Rich

James Lileks: The Power of Unicorn Exhalations

Robert Heinlein: On Prejudices Vs Logic

David Attenborough: On Population Control

Pete Buttigieg: On Fighting Climate Change

Charles Krauthammer: On Cold-Blooded Evil

Kiminori Itoh: On Global Warming Fears

Greta Thunberg: Change the System Itself

Maurice Strong: The Only Hope for the Planet

Death by Design is the new apocalyptic thriller from John Graves. If you love thrillers, you will love this first book in The Tracker Series.

Michael Fox: Mankind as a Dangerous Animal

Paul Ehrlich: On the De-Development of the United States

Prince Philip: On Surplus Populations

Club of Rome: The Real Enemy Is Humanity Itself

Maurice King: On Global Sustainability

David Foreman: Return to Wilderness

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Olga Jonas: On Pathogens Spreading

Paul Ehrlich: On Cheap Abundant Energy

Ingrid Newkirk: On the Extinction of Homo Sapiens

James Lovelock: On Humans as Tumors

John Davis: On Humans as Slugs

Isaac Asimov: On Disease and Extinction

If You Liked the Trackers TV Series, You’ll Love Death by Design

If You Liked Year One by Nora Roberts, Read Death by Design Thriller

What Are the Scariest Movies You Have Ever Seen?

If You Liked Prey, Read Death by Design

Who Are the Most Dangerous People in the World Today?

If You Liked The Andromeda Strain, Read Death by Design

If You Liked Blood Work, Read Death by Design

Solving the Problem of Overpopulation

Who Was the Worst Killer of All Time?

I Am the Storm!

If You Liked Next Afterburn, Read Death by Design

Who Will Survive the Coming Apocalypse?

Reduce Humanity to Save Planet Earth?

Death by Design is the new dystopian novel from John Graves. If you love thrillers, you will love this first book in The Tracker Series.

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