Climate Change News Related to Death by Design, 2023

On these pages (see also: Climate Change News Related to Death by Design, 2022 and prior), we’ll post notices of on-going climate news related to our dystopian thriller, Death by Design by John Graves. Topics covered include: climate change, climate alarmism, climate catastrophe, climate chaos, global warming, global cooling, green energy, doomsday predictions, climate deniers, greenies, green new deal, climate strikes, extreme weather, climate prophecy, plagues, environmental activists, deadly viruses, climate protests, climate cults, climate activists, climate evils, climate mobs, climate emergency, environmental legal challenges, the environment, Earth Day, alternative energy sources, fracking, renewable energy, energy politics, energy security, fossil fuels, wind farms, environmentalist wackos, and more.

I can relate to Thanos. I thought he had a pretty viable answer. The problem is nobody is going to put up their hand to volunteer to be the half that has to go. — James Cameron, movie producer

The Industrial Revolution has had a minimal effect on atmospheric CO2: (5/15/23).

Our results show that the percentage of the total CO2 due to the use of fossil fuels from 1750 to 2018 increased from 0% in 1750 to 12% in 2018, much too low to be the cause of global warming. — University of Massachusetts Lowell study

25 Reasons Biden’s EV Goals Are Economically and Environmentally Harmful: (5/13/23).

3 Damning Equations to Defeat Global Warming Zealots: (5/12/23).

The IPCC Radical Climate Change Agenda Is a Neo-Marxist, Postmodern Value Narrative: (5/10/23).

You mean to tell me oceans affect icebergs?!: (5/9/23).

House Democrat Chair Waxes Imbecilic, Blames Biden Border Surge on Climate Change: (5/8/23).

Biden Administration waging pointless war on our comfort in the name of climate: (5/7/23).

NBC: Climate Change Is a Reproductive Justice Issue in Bangladesh: (5/7/23).

Deputy secretary of energy can’t answer Senator John Kennedy’s climate questions: (5/6/23).

What if Environmentalists Targeted the Really Popular Stuff?: (5/6/23).

Complicated Nature of Tech Sector Gives Cover to Climate Change Agenda: (5/5/23).

The Push for Net Zero Emissions is Climate Hoax Fiction, Not Energy Reality: (5/3/23).

Sen. Kennedy Lights up Biden Energy Official With Question We’d All Like an Answer to on Climate Agenda: (5/3/23).

Green New Deal Appeasement Leads Nowhere: (5/3/23).

SEC Seeks to Impose Costly, Ideologically-Driven Climate Regulations on U.S. Corporations: (4/26/23).

Democrat Rep. Says We Avoided Climate Crisis Thanks to Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act: (4/25/23).

Five-Year Plans: Climatistas Think Three’s the Charm: (4/25/23).

Weird Weather: (4/24/23).

Earth Day has become kind of a joke: (4/23/23).

Government Fiat Will Not Make Electric Cars Viable: (4/21/23).

Transportation secretary Buttigieg blames transportation problems on climate change: (4/21/23).

Majority of people say climate change feels close to them: (4/21/23).

The many disadvantages of electric cars: (4/21/23).

New York City’s vegan mayor issues decree requiring city to eat less meat as a means of combating the specter of climate change: (4/19/23).

African Official Warns Bill Gates, George Soros to Stop Using Their Continent as a Climate Guinea Pig: (4/19/23).

Horowitz: Why House Republicans must remove electric car subsidies and mandates from the budget: (4/19/23).

Can a Discriminatory View of Legal Standing Stand?: (4/16/23).

The Next Item on the Climate Cult’s Naughty List Gives Away the Game: (4/16/23).

Thirty Years of Global Warming Prophecies: (4/15/23).

The Climate Change Gang Is Weighing in on Baseball…And It’s a Little Bonkers: (4/13/23).

Biden Demands Americans Must Buy Electric Vehicles Because of Climate Change: (4/12/23).

Study claims melting ice could cause sea levels to rise more rapidly than originally expected: (4/11/23).

From Global Warming to Global Cooling to Global Warming: (4/10/23).

Demand for the metals used in building electric vehicles (copper, nickel, cobalt) would rise so rapidly the world couldn’t meet demand. The world would have to mine as much copper in the next 25 years as has been mined in the past 5,000 years (World Bank study).

50 is the New 70 degrees Fahrenheit: (4/9/23).

Tornadoes, Climate Change, and the Media: (4/7/23).

The Case for Cows: (4/4/23).

When Will This Climate Madness End?: (4/3/23).

A reminder of the climate change fanatics’ arrogance: (4/3/23).

The public has never seen any scientific data that shows that our use of natural resources increases temperatures or controls the climate: (4/2/23).

If only Deb Haaland’s blank stares could power vehicles: (3/30/23).

Saving the Climate in Portugal, and More: (3/28/23).

Here’s Johnny! Kerry Threatens More Biden Executive Orders, Thinks China-Russia Will Help Combat Climate Change: (3/27/23).

Limits to Growth Revisited: (3/27/23).

Watch: Biden’s, Kerry’s Breathtaking Elitism on Full Display in Midst of Canada Climate Change Trip: (3/27/23).

Watch: French Climate Crazies Torch Police Cars, Clash with Cops Protesting Farmer Irrigation Project: (3/26/23).

Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Says U.S. Needs to Work with China, Russia on Climate Change: (3/26/23).

Greta Thunberg Sees a Great Capitalist Conspiracy Against the Climate: (3/25/23).

California admits its climate plan enriches wealthy and impoverishes poor: (3/24/23)

Carney: Janet Yellen Was More Concerned About Climate Change Than Looming Banking Crisis: (3/24/23).

Maher: We’ve Been Given Dates for Climate Disaster that Were Wrong and That Hurts Credibility, But Disaster Is Coming: (3/24/23).

Climate Change Now Top Priority for US Navy: (5/23/23).

Republican Attorneys General Call Out Biden Administration for Pushing Climate Policies amid SVB Collapse: (3/2223).

Woke Dem-Led Colorado City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change: (3/22/23).

Good news sucks for climate cultists: (3/22/23).

Nolte: Democrat-Run City Bans New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change: (3/22/23).

The production of lithium used in electric car batteries would have to triple today just to maintain the demand in the United States alone. The rest of the world would have to go wanting (Scientific American study).

New Farmer’s Party Sweeps the Netherlands. Will the Rest of the West Take Note?: (3/21/23).

U.N. Predicts (Again) a Climate Time-Bomb Is Ticking—This Time, They Mean It: (3/20/23).

Legalized Climate Grifting: (3/20/23).

Is the Mask of the Green Cult Finally Coming Off?: (3/20/23).

Nearly Half of Climate Change Companies in U.S. Banked with Failed Silicon Valley Bank: (3/19/23).

Greta Thunberg quietly deletes tweet from 5 years ago predicting only 5 years left to save us from climate apocalypse…and Tucker pounces: (3/17/23).

A single multiple choice question for the green energy pushers: (3/16/23).

Dark climate change religion: Middle school teacher feeds sixth-graders bugs and climate alarmist propaganda: (3/16/23).

A Handbook for Climate Change Skeptics: (3/14/23).

The empty suits of the climate activists: (3/13/23).

Kamala Harris unearths a climate mental health crisis but the why still puzzles her: (3/12/23).

America’s $100-billion climate change flop: (3/8/23).

America’s $100 Billion Climate Change Flop: (3/7/23).

Pinkerton: The Circle of Green—Big Money, Big Democrats, and Climate Change: (3/4/23).

Greenies and Commies Partner For Propaganda: (3/4/23).

More Dead Whales Wash up in NY and NJ, Feds Continue to Deny Massive Wind Turbine Farms at Fault: (3/4/23).

China flicks John Kerry’s greenie pleadings away, barrels ahead on coal plant construction: (3/2/23).

Pete Buttigieg puffs himself up with climate-immortality afflatus: (3/2/23).

Clean energy projection—86 million pounds of turbine blades to enter landfills each year: (3/2/23).

Climate Alarmists Keep Getting It Wrong on Crop Production: (3/1/23).

Former Reuters Editor Says He Was Misled on Climate Change: (2/26/23).

Greenies take a cue from Sinaloa’s Stew Maker: (2/27/23).

Climate Change Hits Los Angeles—First Blizzard Warning in Decades Issued for Tinseltown: (2/24/23).

Nolte: Another Day, Another Electric Vehicle Battery Fire: (2/24/23).

James Cameron Goes Full Environmental Lunatic, Suggests Thanos’ Final Solution Is Viable: (2/22/23).

When Stuff Happens—Blame it on Climate Change!: (2/20/23).

The lies government will tell to force green energy: (2/19/23).

Technology (Not More Mandates) to the Rescue: (2/19/23).

Frozen, and Not from Global Warming: (2/18/23).

If climate change is so dangerous, why don’t environmentalists try this solution?: (2/17/23).

Opposing the Climate Inquisition: (2/17/23).

Wind turbines collapsing…like faith in the Biden administration?: (2/17/23).

Sen. John Kennedy Delivers an Epic Grilling of Climate Witness That Exposes the Left’s Delusion: (2/16/23).

Winter Games: A Climate Change Thriller that Skeptics Will Love: (2/15/23).

Tucker nails it: Apocalyptic climate doom is the religion of urban atheists and now has become the official state religion: (2/11/23).

The inherent racism of climate change activism: (2/9/23).

Wind power makers suffer huge losses, want to abandon major project: (2/5/23).

How long will climate change trump other green and progressive causes?L (2/3/23).

The Biden Administration Believes We Can Save the Earth by Returning to Remote Work: (2/2/23).

Climate CzarJohn Kerry Is the Latest Biden Official Facing Investigation: (2/2/23).

House Oversight Committee Investigating Climate Envoy John Kerry Over Secret Negotiations with the CCP: (2/2/23).

Battle of the Activists: Dead Whales on the East Coast Likely Due to Wind Turbine Farms: (2/1/23).

Why Are Wind Turbines Around the World Toppling Over? And Why Aren’t the Rest Spinning?: (1/31/23).

Run, Don’t Walk, From Solar Energy Co-Ops: (1/28/23).

Bill Gates invests in company to reduce methane emissions from cow farts and burps to fight climate change: (1/25/23).

Let Them Eat Bugs!: (1/23/23).

Huge wind turbines—taller than the Statue of Liberty—are toppling over in a rash of incidents: (1/23/23).

Putting on an act: Greta Thunberg and the cult of actors: (1/23/23).

Noted Climatologist Kamala Harris Explains How Weather and Climate Interact: (1/23/23).

How to tell that the climate alarmists aren’t serious: (1/21/23).

John Kerry Joins Earth’s Elites in Davos to Lecture Commoners and Save the Planet: (1/21/23).

At Davos, John Kerry lets the elitists’ cat out of the bag: (1/18/23).

New Footage Appears to Show Greta Thunberg Arrest Was Staged: (1/18/23).

IPCC Climate Models Grossly Exaggerate Global Warming: (1/18/23).

Davos Doom: Kerry Fears Planet Already Lost to Climate Change: (1/17/23).

What Brian Stelter and Seth Moulton Are Talking About at the WEF Should Concern Us All: (1/17/23).

Watch Out for the WEF: (1/17/23).

The Recycling Religion: (1/18/23).

An Almost Extraterrestrial Plan—Climate Lunatic John Kerry Offers His Most Ridiculous Take Yet: (1/17/23).

Climate change talking points: (1/16/23).

It’s Wish-Cycling, Not Recycling: (1/16/23).

Biden climate czar John Kerry gives the Third World his to do list: (1/16/23).

Over 1,000 Private Jets Expected to Descend on Davos as WEF Leaders Preach Climate Change: (1/16/23).

Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a Great Reset of capitalism. — Klaus Schwab, founder, World Economic Forum

Too Wet? Too Dry? It’s All Climate Change!: (1/16/23).

China expresses its admiration for WEF and the Davos spirit: (1/16/23).

Michael Shellenberger Drops a Chilling Thread About the WEF That Gives Elon Musk the Willies: (1/16/23).

The green agenda has never been about science or the environment: It is about green money and power: (1/15/23).

A California news outlet informs readers that environmentalism wastes water: (1/15/23).

Great Reset: Individual CO2 Limits Needed to Fight Climate Change, Says German Scientist: (1/15/23).

VIDEO: Brilliant takedown of both wokeness and climate change madness: (1/15/23).

Biden’s misdirected priorities on climate change (1/14/23).

Coal Mine Protest Attended by Greta Thunberg Sees Clashes Between Climate Activists and Cops (1/14/23).

It just gets harder and harder to live free in California (1/12/23).

rince Philip on Killer Viruses

Carbon Capture Is a Woke Fantasy (1/12/23).

Now It’s Just Silly: Grad Students Push Plantifa, an Eco-Justice Plan to Promote Guerrilla Gardening: (1/12/23).

Climate change: What’s in a word? (1/11/23).

Wake up, America: Debt and climate hysteria will kill us (1/11/23).

Birth Rate in Freefall as 1 in 4 Americans Puts off Having Kids Due to Climate Fears: (1/11/23).

It’s absurd to think carbon dioxide and methane are our enemies (1/11/23).

Fed Chair Powell goes beast mode on greenie wokery (1/11/23).

Saving the planet can wait: The climate cult is a cult of convenience (1/11/23).

Another year, another round of global warming doomsday predictions that never came to pass: (1/10/23).

Billie Eilish: Climate Anxiety Makes Me Want to Barf All over the Floor but I Won’t Stop Selling Merch, Traveling via Private Jet: (1/6/23).

Washington Post Piece Claims Climate Change Increases Risk of Domestic Violence Against Women (1/6/23).

Washington Post claims climate change increases domestic violence risks for women (1/5/23).

Huge Rain Finally Comes to Drought-Stricken California, Media Predictably Moans (1/3/23).

CBS kicks off new year with mass extinction prediction from anti-human depopulationist who spent his career being proven wrong (1/3/23).

To win younger voters, Republicans should offer original climate change solutions (1/1/23).

Climate change, which is an immutable planetary phenomenon, has been transformed into irrefutable proof that centralized government authority must intervene in all economic activity—the exact policy objective, coincidentally enough, that forms the foundations of Marxist power. — J.B. Shurk, columnist, American Thinker (1/1/23)

The very fundamentals of science are based on challenging assertions. Climate change proponents, including reporters and even entire journalism outlets, treat it as a religion with all the fanaticism of an Inquisition. There is no challenging climate change, despite how often its predictions are proven wrong. — Joe Cunningham

Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters (May 2021).

I doubt all the doomsday global warming predictions are accurate, but if they are, we are goners. Because nothing the Left is doing on climate change is making even the tiniest difference. — Pat Buchanan, commentator

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