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On this page, we’ll post notices of on-going climate news related to our dystopian thriller, Death by Design by John Graves. Topics covered include: climate change, climate alarmism, climate catastrophe, climate chaos, global warming, global cooling, doomsday predictions, climate deniers, greenies, green new deal, climate strikes, extreme weather, climate prophecy, plagues, deadly viruses, climate protests, climate cults, climate activists, climate evils, climate mobs, climate emergency, environmental legal challenges, the environment, alternative energy sources, fracking, renewable energy, energy politics, energy security, fossil fuels, wind farms, environmentalist wackos, and more.

Climate extremists Extinction Rebellion descend to ironic new low—digging up lawn at UK college over destruction of nature:–digging-up-lawn-at-uk-college-over-destruction-of-nature (2/18/20)

UK Professor: Only Way to Save Planet Is to Let Humans Become Extinct: (2/17/20)

Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to help stamp out climate change: (2/17/20)

World Economic Forum: Birds Are Shrinking Because of Climate Change: (2/17/20)

Emissions Accomplished — Trump Wins on Fracking: (2/15/20)

Global Warming Hardliners John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Use Private Jet to Grab Valentines Day Dinner: (2/15/20)

Daily on Energy: Climate change is gaining on the economy as a top issue: (12/14/20)

Rule of Law: Mike Bloomberg Funded Special Prosecutors on Climate Change: (2/14/20)

Climate Change Blamed for Toxic Caterpillar Plague in Spain: (2/14/20)

U.N. Seeks Climate Policy Advice from Mobile Video Game Players: (2/14/20)

Progressives are told that they might be allowed to have children after all: (2/14/20)

Coronavirus Outbreak Exposes China’s Monopoly on U.S. Drug, Medical Supplies: (2/13/20)

Climate Change Made Me Do It!: (2/13/20)

Bloomberg story laments that climate change is hampering Kim Jong Un’s plans for ski resorts: (2/13/20)

Climate Activist Unable to Explain Where Socialism Has Worked: (2/13/20)

Remembering Climate Alarmists’ False Prophecies: (2/12/20)

Daily on Energy: Trump budget reflects sensitivity to environmental politics: (2/10/20)

The Guardian Warns of Impending Climate Catastrophe: (2/10/20)

Majority of young conservatives say climate policy will sway their votes: (2/10/20)

Gates Foundation to Target Climate Change, Gender Inequality: (2/10/20)

Professor: We c​an fight climate change by not having any more babies — then letting human race become extinct:–then-letting-human-race-become-extinct (2/10/20)

BBC to Partner with Greta Thunberg for (Another) TV Climate Series: (2/10/20)

Unlike in Europe, the US approach to climate change is actually working: (2/10/20)

Bernie Admits Multitrillion-Dollar Climate Change Plan Will Result in Job Loss: (2/7/20)

Global Warming’s 50 Years of Fraud: (2/7/20)

Daily on Energy: Brouillette touts new funding for cleaner coal plants: (2/7/20)

Tom Steyer Pivots to Climate Change After Being Asked About Military Action in the Middle East: (2/7/20)

Global Warming’s 50 Years of Fraud: (2/7/20)

Green New Tariffs: Democrats Threaten Climate Change Trade Barriers: (2/7/20)

Sanders, Bloomberg, and Warren Are Fracking Idiots: (2/6/20)

Coal state Republican Rob Portman to join new climate change caucus: (2/6/20)

Joker Star Phoenix Takes Aim At Climate Apathy With Film About Dying Earth: (2/6/20)

Renewable Energy Fairy Tales: (2/5/20)

Daily on Energy: Climate change could be the difference in the Iowa caucuses: (2/4/20)

Elizabeth Warren is a climate hypocrite (and so is Bernie): (2/4/20)

Truly sad: Sanders condemns Trump for omitting climate change in State of the Union speech: (2/4/20)

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Push Bill to Ban Fracking Nationwide by 2025: (2/3/20)

Rich NY liberal brags about fighting climate change by wearing old expensive clothes and taking the subway: (1/31/20)

New clean water rule is a big win for farmers and for everyone else: (1/31/20)

Global Warming and the Snows of Yesteryear: (1/30/20)

This Republican Indiana mayor is redesigning his city to curb climate change: (1/30/20)

Where’s the Crisis, Greta? Climate Science Experts Say the Earth Is Going Through a Warming Period (but That’s a Good Thing): (1/30/20)

How House Republicans won over conservatives to gain consensus on a climate agenda: (1/30/20)

Elizabeth Warren: To Deal With Chinese Coronavirus We Must Fight Climate Change: (1/28/20)

What caused the Australian fires? Global warming? Obstruction of fire prevention burns? Arson?: (1/27/20)

Biden swipes Bernie Sanders climate plan: Not a single solitary scientist thinks it will work: (1/25/20)

EPA’s Andrew Wheeler Explains Why Activists Are Wrong To Blame Australian Wildfires On Climate Change: (1/24/20)

To combat climate change, House GOP aims for 1 trillion trees: (1/24/20)

Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin on Greta Thunberg’s continuing climate change lectures: After she goes to college, she can explain it all to us: (1/23/20)

The Disturbing Dismissal of the Kiddies’ Climate Lawsuit: (1/23/20)

Why Isn’t Greta Sailing To China To Whine At President Xi?: (1/22/20)

Greta Thunberg scolds world leaders on climate—our house is still on fire—but President Trump isn’t singing her tune:–our-house-is-still-on-fire–but-president-trump-isnt-singing-her-tune (1/21/20)

Michael Moore: We’re Done in Four Years if We Don’t Fix Climate Change: (1/21/20)

Daily on Energy: Trump tries out new climate line of attack: (1/21/20)

Greta Attacks U.S., Admonishes World Leaders: I Said I Wanted You To Panic: (1/21/20)

Climate activists march on Davos: (1/19/20)

Earth’s Climate History: What the Climate Doomsayers Don’t Want Voters to Know: (1/19/20)

UK Wind Farms Paid Millions Per Day NOT to Run Turbines: (1/19/20)

Jane Fonda Puts an Unintentional Exclamation Point on Her War Against Climate Change: (1/18/20)

John Cusack: We Have 10 to 12 Years to Stop Climate Change, Predatory Capitalism: (1/18/20)

Climate Change Cult Sticks Their Heads in the Sand, Literally, and the Response Is Lit: (1/18/20)

While St. Greta harangues the world, back home in Sweden poll of taxpayers identifies climate spending as the biggest government waste: (1/18/20)

9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Deals Brutal Blow To Teens Who Sued Trump Over Climate Change: (1/17/20)

Jane Fonda: On the Climate Change Catastrophe:

Arnold Schwarzenegger dismisses Green New Deal as bogus: (1/17/20)

California sues to block Trump plan for opening 1M acres of state lands for drilling and fracking: (1/17/20)

Global Warming Alarmists Manipulate Climate Data: (1/16/20)

Climate Expert Shreds Claims Made By Ocasio-Cortez, Thunberg In Congressional Testimony: (1/16/20)

Oops: According to The Heartland Institute, The Planet Might Not Be Warming Like NOAA Says: (1/16/20)

The debates, USMCA, and climate change: (1/16/20)

The Vast Right Wing Climate Conspiracy: (1/16/20)

Campaign Truck for Climate Change Candidate Tom Steyer Seen Idling for at Least an Hour in NC: (1/16/20)

HBO Max Taps Vice Director Adam McKay for Global Warming Anthology Series: (1/16/20)

Fake Temperature Graphs/Major Life Changes: (1/16/20)

New bipartisan bill promotes green energy and can help stop climate change: (1/16/20)

Fake Study: Oceans Heating up Like 3.6 Billion Hiroshima Atom-Bomb Explosions: (1/15/20)

Climate Science: Heartland Institute Reacts to NOAA’s Claim That 2019 Is the Second-Warmest Year on Record: (1/15/20)

Out of context: AOC backtracks on claim climate change will end world in 12 years: (1/15/20)

Bernie Sanders Moves Climate Change Doomsday Deadline to Right Now: (1/14/20)

Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Claims Climate Change Caused Australia Fires: (1/14/20)

John Kerry Wants Trump to Defeat Climate Change, Not Terrorists: (1/14/20)

Bernie Sanders says no trade deals without fossil fuel-slashing provisions: (1/14/20)

Aussie Lawmaker: Greta Thunberg and Climate Activists Just Want to Upend Society: (1/14/20)

Investment giant BlackRock pledges to make climate change central to its strategy: (1/14/20)

Greta Thunberg Loses It, Makes Immediate Demands that Could Kill People: (1/14/20)

What the global warming advocates really have in mind: (1/13/20)

Busted! Facebook Bug Reveals Climate Activist Greta Thunberg’s Posts Are Written by Her Father: (1/13/20)

Nuclear must be an important part of the climate conversation: (1/13/20)

Delingpole: Australian Climate Fires Are Pure Fake News Propaganda: (1/12/20)

Hiking Is Racist? The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations Comes for Nature: (1/12/20)

Climate activist calls for the extinction of the human race: (1/11/20)

They Said Trump Was Wrong About California Wildfires, But Climate Experts Have News for the Nay-Sayers: (1/11/20)

Swedes Vote Climate Policy Biggest Waste of Tax Payer Money in 2019: (1/11/20)

Greta Thunberg Snaps Over Demands: We Want This Done Now – As In Right Now: (1/11/20)

Welcome to Newsom Acres! Cleanup Crews Find 3-Story Condo in CA Park: So-called climate fires caused by homeless lawbreakers: (1/11/20)

Eye-popping video exposes brazen junk science by federal climate assessment program: (1/10/20)

Jane Fonda: Wall Street Financing Fossil Fuel Industry Is Suicide Investing: (1/10/20)

US greenhouse gas emissions are falling under Trump, thanks to fracking’s war on coal: (1/10/20)

Climate Change Protester: Missing, Murdered Indigenous People Skyrocket with Pipeline Projects: (1/10/20)

Steyer wants climate change refugees to enter US legally: (1/10/20)

Joaquin Phoenix flies to DC to declare he will combat climate change by not eating meat: (1/10/20)

AOC: People My Age Are Scared to Have Kids Because of Climate Crisis: (1/10/20)

Plants are growing higher up Mount Everest as the climate warms: (1/10/20)

Video — Martin Sheen at Climate Change Rally: Dear Father, Let Our Dear Country Awake!: (1/10/20)

Joaquin Phoenix Targets Meat, Dairy Farmers At Climate Rally, Admits He Just Got Off Plane: (1/10/20)

Progressive Eco-Group Admits It: Renewable Energy is a Hoax that Benefits its Greenie Elmer Gantries like Al Gore: (1/9/20)

Daily on Energy: Trump unveils environmental review reforms: (1/9/20)

Climate Change Prediction Bust Leaves Park Scrambling To Change Signs: (1/9/20)

In Australia, fires expose green folly: (1/9/20)

President Trump says nothing’s a hoax when it comes to climate change: (1/9/20)

A 2008 report commissioned by the Australian government predicted that climate change would cause the fire season to start earlier and be more intense after about 2020: (1/8/20)

House Democrats cut out Republicans in climate plan meant for consensus: (1/8/20)

Another Expensive Solar Scheme Bites the Dust: (1/8/20)

The Environmentalist Wacko Scare Piece I’ve Been Promising: (1/8/20)

Glacier National Park Is Changing Signs Warning That Glaciers Would Be Gone By 2020. Here’s What They Say: (1/8/20)

House Republican proposes using tax code to combat climate change: (1/8/20)

Australian Police Arrest 183 Arsonists for Bushfires Others Blamed on Climate Change: (1/7/20)

Australia is on fire because of climate change, said the left. Turns out it was two dozen arsonists: (1/7/20)

Climate Concerned Bernie Sanders to Increase Private Jet Usage During Impeachment Trial: (1/7/20)

Hillary Clinton Wrongly Attributes Australia’s Bushfires to Climate Change: (1/7/20)

Germany to Offer Hush Money to People Forced to Live by Wind Farms: (1/7/20)

Golden Globes: Russell Crowe Blames Australian Fires on Climate Change in Acceptance Speech: (1/5/20)

Greta Thunberg Hits Aussie Leaders with Bushfire Advice, Climate Demands: (1/5/20)

Welcome to Boris’s Blackout Britain: (1/4/20)

Jane Fonda: Fossil Fuel Giants Are Responsible for Wars: (1/4/20)

Meat Loaf Says Greta Thunberg Has Been Brainwashed Into Believing Climate Change Is Real: (1/4/20)

Department of Defense Predicted Climate Change Would Destroy Us by 2020: (1/3/20)

2020 Is the Year We Storm the Green Barricades!: (1/3/20)

Environmentalists Made Australia’s Bush Fires Worse: (1/2/20)

Golden Globes to Serve Vegan Meal to Raise Awareness About Climate Change: (1/2/20)

Leading Climate Alarmist Freaks Out over Australia Bushfires: (1/2/20)

Cardinal Mueller: Church crisis comes from abandoning God, adapting to culture: (1/1/20)

Big Oil’s Monster Decade Reveals Why Energy Experts Are Not Very Good At Making Predictions: (12/31/19)

Joe Biden goes overboard pandering on climate change—dissing coal miners: (12/31/19)

How Democrats decided climate change was a campaign issue: (12/31/19)

Biden Proposes Putting Fossil Fuel Execs In Jail Over The Climate Crisis: (12/30/19)

A Wind Turbine’s Blades Fly Off In New York City, Crushing A Billboard And Vehicle: (12/30/19)

BBC Admits Flying Journalist to Interview Greta Thunberg Despite Flight Shame: (12/29/19)

CNET: The World Is on Fire Because… Climate Change: (12/29/19)

MarketWatch: Electric Cars and Vegetarianism Pointless Virtue Signaling Against Climate Change: (12/29/19)

Parents, don’t cave to the online anti-vaccine mob: (12/28/19)

The 2010s: When energy scarcity became abundance: (12/28/19)

Progressive professor: To address climate change, we must ‘seriously question’ private property ownership: (12/28/19)

Jane Fonda bemoans climate evils of palm oil-based vaginal lubrication: (12/28/19)

Editorial: President Trump’s very bad year on climate change hurts us all: (12/27/19)

Former Canterbury Archbishop Warns of Sinister Theories Behind Climate Change Denial: (12/27/19)

Former Archbishop Claims Climate Change Largest Challenge Ever to Human Race: (12/26/19)

We’re living in (almost) the best of times: (12/26/19)

Trump’s Limited Government Energy Platform in Stark Contrast to Democrats’ Green New Deal: (12/25/19)

Climate Nags are Trying to Ruin Christmas: (12/24/19)

Paper: Christmas Reindeer Are Starving to Death Because of Climate Change: (12/24/19)

The Real World Intrudes on the UN Climate Conference: (12/24/19)

Trump attacks on wind turbines, low-flow toilets and LED lightbulbs set up key campaign clash with Democrats: (12/23/19)

Donald Trump Issues One of His Greatest Takedowns of Windmills: (12/23/19)

San Francisco cafes are banishing disposable coffee cups: (12/23/19)

Democrats Seek To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment: (12/23/19)

Aussie PM Scott Morrison Rejects Greta Thunberg’s Climate Advice: (12/23/19)

The Climate Always Changes, But We’re Not the Cause:!/37/96237/The-Climate-Always-Changes,-But-We%E2%80%99re-Not-the-Cause (12/23/29)

German Rail Company Hauled Before Authorities Over Greta Tweets: (12/23/19)

Climate Cult Gang Tries to Block a Freight Train, Finds Out That’s Not a Good Idea: (12/22/19)

How to conduct a successful climate change strike: (12/22/19)

Jacki Pick: Democrats Cry About Climate Change While Opposing Zero-Emission Nuclear Energy: (12/20/19)

Jane Fonda’s Plan to Make Trump Believe in Climate Change: (12/20/19)

EPA’s Andrew Wheeler vs. Democrats on climate change: (12/20/19)

Tom Steyer Vows to Declare State of Emergency on Climate Crisis: (12/19/19)

Villagers Built A Monster Wall 7,000 Years Ago To Beat Back Rising Sea Levels — It Didn’t Work: (12/19/19)

Bernie Sanders Will Not Support USMCA, Upset It Doesn’t Mention Climate Change: (12/19/19)

CNN Anchor: Trump Should Listen When People Tell Him We Have ’12 Years’ Until the World Ends: (12/19/19)

Fact Check: Amy Klobuchar Says Climate Change May Force Some Californians to Relocate: (12/19/19)

German Greens Propose Giving Passports to All Climate Refugees: (12/18/19)

Shouldn’t the media report how bad previous climate change predictions have been instead of participating in the indoctrination?: (12/18/19)

David ‘Greta of the Third Age’ Attenborough Launches BBC’s Climate Bedwetting Blitzkrieg: (1/18/20)

Big Coal Is Not Dead Yet — Report Shows The World Demands More Coal Than Before Paris Deal: (12/18/19)

Vatican Laments Failure of U.N. Climate Convention: (12/18/19)

Greta Thunberg’s Fantastic Voyage for Socialism Exemplifies the Failures of Socialism: (12/17/19)

Global climate talks fall short: (12/15/19)

Protester Anger as U.S., Australia Lead Revolt Against U.N. Global Climate Tax: (12/15/19)

New policy could allow doctors to euthanize Alzheimer’s patients without their active consent: (12/14/19)

Lawsuit: More Than 2.5K Dead People Are Registered to Vote in Detroit: (12/13/19)

Portland State Queer Ecologies Course Will Instruct Students on ‘Queering Science’: (12/13/19)

Al Gore Urges Democrat Candidates to Run on the Green New Deal: (12/13/19)

Video: Sally Field Arrested at Jane Fonda’s Climate Change Protest: (12/13/19)

E.U. Climate Summit Delay After Greenpeace Activists Storm Building, Set Off Flares and Fires: (12/12/19)

Portland Wants Private Property Owners To Add Mandatory Rest Spaces For The Homeless: (12/8/19)

Defeated Greta Whines Climate Strikes Have Achieved Nothing, Claims People Are Dying Today: (12/7/19)

Emma Thompson Delivers End-Times Climate Prophecy: Foretells Pets Eaten, Crop Failures, and Ruined Lives: (12/6/19)

Hide The Decline: A Climategate Backgrounder: (12/6/19)

Police Break Up Crime Ring Smuggling NUCLEAR MATERIALS in Europe: (12/6/19)

Pope Francis: Extreme Weather Events Are Nature’s Alarm Signals: (12/5/19)

The Cynical Plot behind Global Warming Hysteria: (9/30/19)

My Gift To Climate Alarmists: (9/20/19)

Trump Mocks Big Windmills In Pennsylvania While Cheering On His Pro-Coal Policies: (8/14/19)

Climate change: The massive CO2 emitter you may not know about: (12/17/18)

Tourism, Waste, and the Effects of Climate Change on Everest:

Should you be defending mainstream media when you know they will force you to own the ugliness that they spit out so often that you can’t possibly agree with? The question becomes: How do you keep your credibility with this kind of silence? (adapting a quote from Chris Cuomo)

Should you be defending mainstream media when you know they will force you to own the ugliness that they spit out so often that you can't possibly agree with? How do you keep your credibility with this kind of silence? (adapted from Chris Cuomo) Click To Tweet

I believe MSNBC and CNN are engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history. (adapting a quote from Chris Wallace)

I believe MSNBC and CNN are engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history. (adapting a quote from Chris Wallace) Click To Tweet

We support good government. We abhor socialism and the nanny state.

Death by Design by John Graves is a dystopian thriller featuring an elite attempt to shut down free markets to halt the climate catastrophe. To find out how the elite might work to eliminate people to fight so-called climate change, read Death by Design via Amazon:

James Lovelock on Human Survival via Climate Change

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