Climate Change News, 2024

On this page, we’ll post notices of 2024 on-going climate news related to our dystopian thriller, Death by Design by John Graves. Topics covered include: climate change, climate mobs, climate emergency,  the environment, climate alarmism, climate catastrophe, climate calamitists, climate chaos, global warming, global cooling, green energy, doomsday predictions, climate deniers, greenies, green new deal, climate strikes, extreme weather, climate prophecy, plagues, environmental activists, deadly viruses, climate protests, climate cults, climate activists, climate evils, Earth Day, Climate the Movie, alternative energy sources, fracking, renewable energy, energy politics, energy security, fossil fuels, wind farms, environmentalist wackos, environmental legal challenges, and more.

Some real (and real pathetic) green solutions to green problems: (7/12/24).

More Bad News on the Electric Vehicle Front: (7/11/24).

Peer-Reviewed Research Debunks Economy-Destroying Climate Change Claims: (7/9/24).

They shrieked about global warming — but now they admit we were accidentally cooling: (7/8/24).

Climate fatigue sabotages the net zero agenda: (7/8/24).

The Sky Is Falling! Summer Is Hot, So It’s Time for Climate Calamitists to Wail and Gnash Teeth: (7/6/24).

Battery Baloney, Hydrogen Hype, and Green Fairy Tales: (7/1/24).

Mining the Planet for Renewable Energy: (6/30/24).

Three out of four EV charging developers say they can’t get enough electricity for their stations: (6/30/24).

Climate Alarmism is the existential threat to humanity: (6/12/24).

Carbon dioxide and a warming climate are not problems: (5/29/24).

Democrat green agenda: For whites, we save the planet; for blacks, we dangle the government goodies: (5/27/24).

Study: The Amount of Copper Needed for EVs Is Impossible for Mining Companies to Produce: (5/27/24).

New study: Pedestrians three times as likely to be hit by an EV driver than a regular driver: (5/24/24).

Climate Change Solutions Are Harming the Environment: (5/24/24).

Climate Stupidity: (5/24/24).

Up or Down? Which Direction Will Climate Change Take Air Pollution Levels?: (5/20/24).

EV charging stations become prime target for copper thieves: (5/16/24).

Beware of Climate Activists Cosplaying as Conservatives: (5/16/24).

Pope Francis: World Nearing Breaking Point from Climate Change: (5/12/24).

Once again, Mother Nature thumbs her nose at the climate changistas: (5/12/24).

She’s Back: Doom Pixie Greta Thunberg Resurfaces, and She’s Protesting Against Israel: (5/9/24).

Senator Kennedy Brings the Facts, Makes Climate Change Democrat Look Like a Fool: (5/2/24).

Living with Climate Change: (4/10/24).

Biden Admin Faces Heat After Announcing Drastic Plan That Fuels Radical Climate Change Agenda: (4/20/24).

Our self-imagined elite EV future: (4/20/24).

New York Cancels Three Major Offshore Wind Projects, Joe Biden Hardest Hit: (4/20/24).

Canada launches new offensive in electric vehicle manufacturing subsidy war: (4/19/24).

If Biden’s EPA Really Cares about Pollution…: (4/19/24).

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund Launches $100 Million Challenge to Fix Climate with AI: (4/17/24).

Saving whales started as left-wing cause, but now conservatives are taking up the fight: (4/13/24).

As the Electric Vehicle Market Collapses, Politico Claims GOP Will Suffer From Divisive Election Topic: (4/10/24).

Climate change tests: What could go wrong?: (4/10/24).

Even Senate Democrats Are Starting to Reject Biden’s Radical Environmental Agenda: (4/10/24).

The View’s Sunny Hostin Attempts to Blame Climate Change for Cicadas, Earthquakes, and Solar Eclipses: (4/9/24).

The Future of Electric Vehicles Looks Bleaker Than Ever: (4/9/24).

The View’s Sunny Hostin Blames Earthquakes and Solar Eclipse on Climate Change: (4/8/24).

Electric vehicles: the dogs don’t like it: (4/7/24).

Biden’s climate change rules cost nearing $1 trillion: (4/5/24).

Biden Administration Environmental Rules Estimated to Cost Americans Almost $1 Trillion: (4/5/24).

The Carbon Emperor Has No Clothes: (4/4/24).

Inept Organization: Cringe Meters Explode After Amtrak Twitter Account Goes Woke on Climate Change: (4/3/24).

International Code Council backtracks on its aggressive climate provisions for new construction homes: (4/1/24).

Time for jurors to reject junk lawsuits on climate and firearms: (3/30/24).

Guyana President Lights Up BBC Host Who Tries to Climate Shame Him Over Extracting Oil: (3/30/24).

Biden’s green economy will break the energy grid: (3/29/24).

Joe Biden had $7.5 billion to spend on 500,000 EV charging stations. He has built … 7: (3/29/24).

Trucking Industry Blasts the Biden Administration’s New Rule for Heavy-Duty Vehicles: (3/29/24).

An entertaining comprehensive primer on climate change fraud: (3/28/24).

Climate change and solar fields don’t mix: (3/28/24).

Oops, Giant Hail Destroys Large Portions of 3,000-Acre Texas Solar Farm, Residents Fear Chemical Leak: (3/27/24).

Climate Activist Humiliated by Sen. Kennedy Reveals What Dems Said to Him Afterward: (3/26/24).

Sen. Kennedy Explains the Bigger Issue With Testimony From Now-Infamous Faux ‘Climate Expert: (3/26/24).

In Which Sen. John Kennedy Expertly Destroys the Credibility of Woke Climate ‘Expert’ Witness: (3/22/24).

U.N. Weather Agency Issues Red Alert over Climate Crisis: (3/20/24).

Beating the war drums: UN climate adviser says white people are taking up too much space: (3/20/24).

2024 Paris Summer Olympics Cancel Air Conditioning Due to Climate Concerns: (3/20/24).

Bloomberg goes for broke on climate change crusade: (3/16/24).

Mark Steyn appeals hockey stick verdict: (3/16/24).

Accelerating the electric vehicle doom loop: (3/15/24).

EV Euphoria Is Dead: CNBC Declares Transition to Electric Vehicles Has Failed: (3/13/24).

The biggest climate lie is about cows: (3/6/24).

The Renewable Scam: (3/6/24).

Study: EVs release 1,850x more particle pollution than gas-powered cars: (3/6/24).

Juice: Why Wind and Solar Make Our Power Grid Less Reliable: (3/5/24).

We Have More Bad News About Electric Cars: (3/5/24).

An Inconvenient Truth—EVs Emit More Particulate Matter Than Gas-Powered Vehicles, According to Report: (3/4/24).

Young People Don’t Actually Give a Damn About Climate Change, Poll Finds: (2/27/24).

Electric Vehicle Mania: (1/28/24).

Today’s Climate Crisis Is a Fairy Tale: (1/27/24)

Climate Activist Tries to Accost Joe Manchin and Quickly Finds Out: (3/1/24).

Crime-Riddled Chicago Finally Takes Action…by Filing Climate Deception Lawsuits Against Big Oil: (2/29/24).

Chicoms overfish, leave trash all around South America’s waters — and it’s worse than it looks: (2/27/24).

The Left Demands Millions of Human Sacrifices to Appease the Gods of Climate Change: (2/27/24).

More Trouble for Electric Vehicles As Apple Abandons Major Project: (2/27/24).

CNN Writer’s Oxymoronic EV Article Is Priceless: Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes: (2/26/24).

The layman’s guide to saving the planet: (2/24/24).

Another EV Firm Falls on Hard Times As Demand Plummets: (2/23/24).

Biden Quietly Scraps Key Climate Policy After Realizing How Insane It Really Is: (2/19/24).

The Great Electric Vehicle Con: (2/16/24).

USA Today can’t stop promoting the global warming fallacies: (2/16/24).

Lake Shasta reservoirs well above historical average after ‘experts’ predicted a global warming drought: (2/13/24).

Activists Rage About Climate Change, Get Arrested After Disrupting Biden Campaign Headquarters: (2/12/24).

Wind and solar are slaughtering India’s iconic bird: (2/11/24).

Biden’s Climate Agenda Will Cost Taxpayers Nearly $800 Billion: (2/11/24).

Health of fish stocks contradict climate alarmists’ predictions: (2/10/24).

Mark Steyn Ordered by Jury to Pay Former Penn State Climate Scientist $1M in Defamation Case: (2/8/24).

Kerry Now Facing Oversight Investigation, Lawsuit Over Secretive Office, Meetings With Climate Activists: (2/7/24).

Brussels Blinks First: European Union Scraps Key Elements of Green Agenda Amid Standoff with Farmers: (2/6/24).

Europeans are pushing back against green policies and immigration: (2/5/24).

California’s green mania continues to make life difficult for its residents: (2/4/24).

The SEC Oversteps its Powers on Climate Change: (2/2/24).

The sky is falling!: (2/1/24).

Agenda 2030: A Power-Mad Document: (2/1/24).

Climate Activists Hurl Soup at Mona Lisa Painting in Paris’ Louvre Museum: (1/28/24).

25 Senate Republicans Rail Against Biden Halt to Natural Gas Exports to Combat Climate Crisis: (1/26/24).

Stop wasting water!: (1/25/24).

New study extolling greenie redistribution unwittingly exposes toxic climate cult: (1/25/24).

Scientists warn of ‘Arctic zombie virus’ fixing to escape thanks to global warming: (1/25/24).

Leftist academic says he committed crimes to fight climate crisis: (1/24/24).

The Left’s climate ideology is short-sighted and hypocritical: (1/24/24).

Recycled and Repurposed – Our Betters Are Here to Save the World!: (1/22/24).

Shaking off old climate lies for the new year: (1/20/24).

So filled with fraud: The green agenda and the rich who benefit from it: (1/19/24).

Climate Alarmists: U.S. and UK Militaries Owe $111 Billion in Climate Reparations: (1/18/24).

Media members panic with the record cold, worry it will derail global warming tale: (1/18/24).

Davos Speaker Demands International Criminal Court Prosecute Ecocide, Punish Farmers Alongside War Criminals: (1/17/24).

John Kerry Gets Furious When Confronted on Private Jet Hypocrisy: (1/17/24).

2024 Promises the Expansion of the Green Energy Scam: (1/17/24).

Trump Torpedoes a Climate Protester with One Funny Line: (1/14/24).

John Kerry Preparing to Step Down as Climate Czar, Will Hit the Campaign Trail Instead (1/13/24).

The Latest Sign That Consumers Just Don’t Want Electric Vehicles: (1/13/24).

Kerry Plans to Leave Post as Climate Czar, Help Biden’s Plummeting 2024 Campaign—And It’s Pure Lunacy: (1/13/24).

The Electric Car Con Explained: (1/11/24).

Josh Hawley Sets Biden’s Climate Agenda on Fire During Hearing: (1/11/24).

Taking a look at my hometown data I discover the very opposite of the ‘global warming’ narrative is true: (1/11/24).

The complete fantasy of climate science: (1/10/24).

Global temperatures neared the critical 1.5-degree warming limit last year: (1/9/24).

Apparently, houseplants now contribute to climate change: (1/9/24).

Study finds problems with NOAA’s scientific integrity in reporting billion dollar disasters: (1/9/24).

Totalitarian Governments Creating Climate Crimes—It’s Not About Climate, It’s About Control: (1/8/24).

Stop Doom-Mongering: WaPo Climate Alarmist Ridiculously Claims House Plants Are Bad for the Planet: (1/7/24).

It’s always climate change: (1/5/24).

The electric vehicle doom loop: (1/4/24).

Journalism for Sale: The Associated Press Tried to Hide Its Largest Climate Change Donor: (1/3/24).

Mayorkas Blames Border Crossings on Climate Change: (1/3/24).

Junk Climate Science: (1/1/24).

America’s judiciary is quietly receiving ‘training’ from leftwing climate group: (1/1/24).

Jimmy Carter on Running Out of Oil


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