Death by Design

Worst Killer of All Time

Who Was the Worst Killer of All Time?

Who Was the Worst Killer of All Time? Nero: 100,000 Attila: 1 million Pol Pot: 2 million Charles of Spain: 5 million Leopold II of Belgium: 15 million Adolf Hitler: 22 million Jozef Stalin: 47 million Mao Zedong: 78 million Tracker: 7.5 billion She is hired to protect the planet. To achieve her goal, she […]

I am the Storm!

I Am the Storm!

I am the Storm! Navy Seal. Mossad. CEO of a global executive protection agency. On her most dangerous mission – exterminate mankind! Tracker is retained to solve the climate change equation. $20 billion for 20 years for a final solution. Humans are the enemy of the planet. They are the scourge of all species. They […]

John Graves, author of Death by Design, the first book in The Tracker Series

Book Reader Magazine: Author Interview with John Graves

Featured Interview With John Graves Tell us a little about yourself. John Graves has traveled extensively, with more than 80 countries’ stamps in his passport. His avocation is adventure. He has sailed to Hawaii several times as well as across the Atlantic and throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean. He has trekked the Andes, the Sahara, […]


Reader Reviews II: Death by Design

From the very first paragraph, I was hooked. I could not take my eyes off the pages as the story quickly unfolded. This book is the most creative and imaginative story I’ve read in a while. Tracker is extraordinarily malevolent, yet I found a compassionate understanding of her. John Graves weaves a web of global […]


Reader’s Review: Death by Design

Wow, from the very beginning the author had me hooked. Tracker is such a despicable character yet she is so very intriguing. Even though we read about how she became who she was, we never know why she is like this (makes you wonder how psychotic she has to be). Even though I hated her, […]

If You Like This Book Graves

If You Liked Next Afterburn, Read Death by Design

If you liked Next Afterburn, read Death by Design, the new apocalyptic thriller from John Graves, the first book in The Tracker Series. Death by Design is a story how an environmental cleansing might occur. You can buy and read Death by Design via Amazon:

Who Will Survive?

Who Will Survive the Coming Apocalypse?

Who Will Survive? Are we destroying the planet? Do we suffer from overpopulation? What we do to reduce humanity? Who should solve the overpopulation problem? How can we solve the issues of pollution, of species extinction? Who has the commitment to save the planet? Who has the courage to take the first steps? Will we […]