Climate Change

Doomsday Predictions that did not come true

Doomsday Predictions That Didn’t Happen

Check out these 19 doomsday predictions that did not come to pass (17 in the past or present and 2 in the future): By 1978: By the late 1970’s, Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, predicted that there would be massive food shortages leading to the starvation of hundreds of millions of people. The […]

James Lovelock on Human Survival via Climate Change

Climate Change News Related to Death by Design

On this page, we’ll post notices of on-going climate news related to our dystopian thriller, Death by Design by John Graves. Topics covered include: climate change, climate alarmism, climate catastrophe, climate chaos, global warming, global cooling, green energy, doomsday predictions, climate deniers, greenies, green new deal, climate strikes, extreme weather, climate prophecy, plagues, environmental activists, […]

James Lovelock on Human Survival via Climate Change

James Lovelock: Human Population Affected by Climate Change

By the end of this century, climate change will reduce the human population to a few breeding pairs surviving near the Arctic. — James Lovelock, author, Healing Gaia: Practical Medicine for the Planet! (book published in 1991; it’s now 2020 and the breeding pairs are all over the world and doing well) Death by Design […]

Mankind's Greatest Threats

What Are Mankind’s Greatest Threats?

What Are Mankind’s Greatest Threats? Nuclear attack Coal, oil, and gas Overpopulation Bacteria Viruses Climate change Fungi Watch Tracker try to reduce humanity. Be afraid. Be Very Afraid!

Save a Planet - Kill the Rich

Save a Planet, Kill the Rich

Save a Planet. Kill the Rich. — NYC Climate Strike attendee Death by Design by John Graves is a revealing biothriller. Those who are trying to save the planet from climate change will do anything. They will kill the rich. They will kill the poor. They are coming for you! Read Death by Design via Amazon: Kill […]

Global Warming Fears

Kiminori Itoh: On Global Warming Fears

Warming fears are the worst scientific scandal in history. When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists. — Dr. Kiminori Itoh, physical chemist Death by Design by John Graves is a revealing ecothriller on how the elite are promoting global warming fears to enable them to […]

What is your greatest fear?

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

What is your greatest fear? Overpopulation Environmental Disaster Climate Change Pollution Water Supplies Insect Plague Plastics Rogue Viruses Nanobot Robots Read the fascinating ecothriller Death by Design to see how these fears could come to pass. You can buy and read Death by Design via Amazon: Death by Design is the new apocalyptic thriller from John Graves. If […]